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The last day.

The final morning. We set out after breakfast, bags packed. After a bit of the local village, we drove to Chipping Camden. The funny thing about England is that on a map everything seems far away, whereas in reality, there’s an interesting place to see within 20 minutes driving distance. You can reach the other end of the country in a few hours or so. Chipping Camden was about 10 minutes away from where we were based. Parking the car, we walked through the village, full of the honey colored stone houses that characterises the Cotswolds. We were told by our Belgian co-occupants (at our B&B) to take a walk upto Dovers Hill from where you could apparently see sixteen (or so) counties. Sounded interesting ,so off we went. I didn’t enjoy the walk much, because for one there wasn’t a dedicated path for walking. Perhaps there was and we didn’t know about it. I don’t enjoy myself when I keep feeling that we are lost, but maybe the point of being on holiday or taking a walk, is to get lost.

Anyway, trudging up for about 20 minutes or so, I was proved wrong. We did come upto Dover’s Hill. Only there was a car park, so we could have driven up. Anyway, the walk wasn’t all that bad with bluebells on the way and lovely fields to walk through. Dover’s Hill itself was spectacular. What a sight! You can really see for miles around. On the grassy slopes of the hill, baby lambs frollicked with their mummies. Children ran up and down, oblivious to their parents entreaties to be careful. What a lovely place indeed. The hill is the site to the Cotswolds Olympic Games. Must find out more about it – a wonderful place for such events, I think.

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