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An unusual birthday celebration.

One hundred years is a long time to live. For those of us who have not yet reached the half century mark, it seems unlikely that we’ll live to see seventy, forget hundred. Even with higher life expectancy these days, I wonder if old age will creep on us gradually or ‘middle-age’ will be all that we see. It’s a scary thought, because as the days go by, one realises that time is running out and there might not be a tomorrow.

The birthday boy, however had no such thoughts as his children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and well wishers gathered to celebrate his centenary. Mr.R and I received an invitation because of a family connection and although we didn’t know the family, we were glad in the end that we went. Driving to the venue in Croydon wasn’t memorable at all, though. The route map from the internet took us in a roundabout way through Central London. Two hours and several wrong turns later, we reached the school where the mass and reception was to be held; already dreading the anticipated stress of finding our way back. Fortunately, the route back took us on the motorway straight back home. Which made us wonder why on earth they (the online route providers) couldn’t reverse the same route in the first place instead of taking us on a tour of the city??

The reception itself was like being in Goa or in Bombay. A predominantly Goan guest list, familiar Goan food and music that was reminiscent of Catholic weddings, socials and other gatherings where old songs, familiar songs take precedence over the chartbusters. It was nice to see the older people looking at the pictures that were displayed and pointing out with delight as they recognised someone or the other, and sometimes themselves. It was a momentous occasion. Although one hopes our parents and friends live that long, who knows if another 100th birthday will come by in our lifetime?

The walks/runs are progressing quite nicely. Saturday morning saw a bunch of us meeting on the Rye to take a short run. This was not part of the course, just a few willing people wanting to run together. It was great also because Mr.R joined us along with the spouse of another runner. Running in a group takes away the solitude and keeps your mind from telling you to quit and go home to lounge in the warmth of the heating instead of breaking your ankles on the wet footpath. I’m looking forward to each morning, even though the weather does its best to make me stay at home. Hope you are getting some exercise too 🙂


One comment on “An unusual birthday celebration.

  1. Nice post … almost brought out tears … tears of happiness and tears of sorrow. Thats because my grandfather passed away at the young age of 102. But yes, we all came together to celebrate his 100th, just like we had grandly celebrated his 90th.
    … who knows if another 100th birthday will come by in our lifetime? … right, who knows … seems so unlikely

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