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Run for your life!

Running has always fascinated me. ‘Run a marathon’ was on my list of ‘Things to do before I die’ (discovered that entry only after I walked/ran the Dream Run in the Mumbai Marathon of 2004 -had forgotten all about it; funny how the subconscious works!). The past week, while the car was out of order, I started walking with Mr.R to work and then back on my own. The hills are alive,as the song goes, and yes, they bite! It’s been an uphill climb, literally! My ankles ache by the time I reach home and I’m soaked to the skin with the effort. But once I’m home, the exhilaration hits and I’m glad I wasn’t lazy.

Talking about the universe plotting for/against you, a trip to the library last week saw me picking up a leaflet for a local runners group for women called ‘Running Sisters’. I loved the name so I got in touch with them and signed up for the beginners course which began yesterday. About 20 women – all sizes, shapes and ages met up for an introductory session which involved a 20 min run. It was such fun, I tell you. Running in a group is less tiring and helps push you to go the extra distance. Plus you meet new people. The group meets every Tuesday, every day of the year, but we were given homework to do for the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to the next meeting but I know that I’ll have to do a bit of running if I intend to keep up with rest of the group and complete the Graduation Run of 3 miles at the end of the 6 week course.


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