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I’m looking for a book called “Marathon Training for Dummies” – part of the Books for Dummies series. I’ve read the book and I’d love to have a copy for myself, so if anybody out there has one, I’d be happy to take it off your hands, for a reasonable price, of course.

Also finished reading ‘Marigolds grow on platforms’ – an anthology of poems about the railways – such a variety of poetry from the 18th century to the last one. Does anybody have any poems about Indian trains, travelling by national trains/locals in Mumbai? What about feelings associated with train travel? Perhaps you remember meeting/seeing off someone at the station? How about sending me something similar? Maybe we can compile our own Indian railways anthology!

Here’s one poem (of many) that I liked. It’s called ‘One Way Journey’ and for some reason, it reminded me of the night I left home to come with Mr.R to England after the wedding. Although it was the not the first time I had left home or even made a long trip abroad, this time it was different. There was something irrevocable about this trip.Nothing had changed. Yet everything had. This poem, although written about a rail journey, reminded me of my flight instead, proving that sentiments stay the same even though the vehicle might change. This one is for my mum.

ONE WAY JOURNEY by Peggy Poole

Preperations for leaving
went smoothly, cases were packed
last farewells made, friends
at the same stage gathered
to wish each other luck.
Untried adult stances were adopted
childish things put away
in biblical style.

We travelled south
by train together
controlled and positive –
the last extension of the thread.
Suddenly you held out
your ticket as if it was
obscene, and panic-stricken said
‘A single ticket!’

My reply was designed
to reassure but my heart
could only tremble as you
glimpsed reality.

Now years later you speak
from distant lands, accomplished
in new skills, yet at times
that desperate note still sounds
‘A single ticket!’

Beloved daughter, even love
cannot issue a return.


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  1. hahahah
    your posts are really sadistic and boring…get a life boozer!

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