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Holy Holi Weekend

In a few hours, I’m off to Goa to spend the rest of the week with Mr.R and his mum. We’ll be back after Easter. Am looking forward to seeing Mr.R’s happy face at the airport soon. This is the first time we’ve been apart since the wedding and although it was nice spending time with my folks here, I miss him 🙂

Other than that, the days have gone by signing papers, shopping and meeting up with friends. Monday evening saw me travelling to Mumbai Central again to meet up with my wonderful friends at Samaritans – they threw a little reunion party for me, cake and all. Inspite of it being Navroze, the Parsis were there and that touched me. It’s a special place – that helpline, and the volunteers are very special people. Wonder how I survived without them all these years! Thanks, guys, it was one of the nicest evenings I’ve had lately.

On the tigers post, PETA replied saying that they got my mail and they’ll look into it. I complained to Baskin-Robbins about faulty pricing at the Inorbit Mall at Malad and they’re looking into it to improve their service. So, in all, it’s been a fruitful week.

The festival of colors is just a few days ago and the torment has already started. Kids, not knowing any better, have begun throwing balloons of water – filthy and otherwise – at passerby’s. I would thrash their parents if I could find them. I think those kids are badly brought up. Parents should have the sense to inculcate in their kids a respect for other people – don’t mess up people going to work, don’t aim at women – pregnant or not. It’s not a joke. People have lost more than an eye. It’s not funny at all. But until it happens to someone in your own family, the reality doesn’t dawn. Till then, have a good laugh when someone going for an interview is drenched in gutter water. I pray you never have that fate.

Easter is just a few days away too. The day will dawn after the madness of Holi is over. It’s going to be a trial going to church on Good Friday. This sunday, I bumped into my favorite priest, Fr.H. We go back a long way and perhaps someday I’ll tell you the story of how our paths meet and separate. It’s another in a long series of coincidences.

Right now, my mum reminds me to get going as it’s getting late. So bye for now and have a Happy Holi and Happy Easter!


One comment on “Holy Holi Weekend

  1. Nice to meet someone who cares enuff to make a difference
    Our school sent a hand-out on ‘how to have a safe Holi’ to all our students.
    We did the same thing b4 Diwali.

    I wish all schools would do the same:-)

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