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Waltzes on a winters day.

0930 on a Friday morning. Winter is determined not to yield to spring without a fight. The night’s snowfall is just starting to thaw; white fluffy bits of frost stuck on never complaining grass, brambly branches and roof shingles.

Mr.R and I are in the middle of moving frenzy (ok, not a frenzy yet, it’s more of a little distraction in the middle of everything else). We’ve called movers, started on vague packing of personal items, planning to do this and that and managing to do sightseeing and having fun at the same time. Last evening, we made plans to see an evening of waltzes at Royal Tunbridge Wells, a quaint little town about 30 minutes by car. The concert was at 7.30 and we thought that if we left at 4 or so, we could do a little walking about and see the place as well. Turned out that by the time we reached there, it started snowing quite a bit and it was getting difficult to walk about. It was already dark by 5.30 and the shops were closed (a stark contrast to India where the shops seem to be open forever) . The only recourse seemed to be to pop into Wagamama and have an early Japanese dinner.

The concert itself (called the Johann Strauss gala) was such fun. Waltzes are a great way of introducing people to classical music. This one was even more fun because the Strauss waltzes were accompanied by fully costumed dancers in period costumes – tailcoats, crinoline skirts, bows and frills. It was fun watching them glide across the stage, elegantly moving their ballet-trained feet to the sound of the orchestra. It was like going back to another era.

Typically, Mr.R and I were the only Asians in the theater and one of the few people under forty. It didn’t bother us, though I’m sure we got more than a passing glance from the old-timers. We had a great time and being brown doesn’t get in the way of appreciating 18th century Viennese music.


Mr.R just remarked on how the news headlines change so drastically each day here. The row over the royal wedding seems to have faded over till something new happens. The Queen will not attend the civil ceremony but will host the reception. The Mayor of London will not apologize for his verbal attack on a journalist. The hunters and the hounds have moved on, waiting for the cameras to fade away before a full fledged attack on more foxes is launched. A hospital bug is killing thousands of people in the UK. Snow stalls life across the country. Schools close as the ice piles up. Gwyneth Paltrow and her rocker boyfriend separate just 3 months after they’ve had their first child together. Life goes on.

What’s a long-distance husband called?

(one of Mr.R’s early morning silly jokes.)


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