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The weekend

I’ve messed up my template trying to add some html. Am working on getting half the page back 😦

Till then, visit www.bookcrossing.com , one of my favorite sites. Find your city and see if any books have been released in the wild. You can also give away some of those books piled up in the corner of your room or those under the bed. Declutter your life and help make the world one big library (I want to be librarian!)

For MW’s interested in looking for books, read on :

RELEASE ALERT! Another BookCrosser has just made release notes for “ATheory of Everything : An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Scienceand Spirituality” by Ken Wilber, indicating its release in Mumbai,Maharashtra, at Barista’s Coffee on Linking Road, Bandra.Are you interested in catching this book? Click here for details: http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2482014

Happy hunting!


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