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Years and years ago (1997, actually), I wrote a poem for my dad’s death anniversary called ‘Anniversary’. It is one of my few poems which rhyme, which strengthens my belief that my best rhyming poems come at moments of great joy or great sorrow. I find it difficult to rhyme ‘impromptu’ at other times and prefer to write blank verse.

Five long years have gone by
Five years so soon
We’re still hoping you’ll be back
Tomorrow or yesterday afternoon.

Every car, every jeep
Every doorbell that rings
Late at night or early morn
Makes us sit up and think

Maybe it’s you coming home
Maybe the day’s finally done
Now we can spend some time together
Now we can perhaps have some fun.

But no doorbell rings late at night
No sound from you we hear
Days just pass by, just like that
Another week, a year.

Soon it’ll be another year
Another eleventh of Feb.
To remember those days , those years ago
When we didn’t think you’d be dead.


One comment on “Anniversary

  1. I lost my dad ten years back. I was my dad’s lil one, his favorite 🙂 and my siblings and cousins would tease me as dad’s lil darling. I would twist him round my lil finger, he’d do anything for me. I guess girls are generally closer to their father than their mother.

    I do miss my dad. At times I miss him so much that I’ve cried my heart out. But I’m thankful that today he’s in a place where he’s loved, in heaven, free from pain (he had had renal failure and would have been on dialysis all his life if he had survived).

    Life does not always go the way we want it to, but sometimes I guess whatever happens, happens for the best.

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