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The postman rings twice

The one good thing about not seeing you is that I can write you letters.
~Svetlana Alliluyeva


Perhaps I have more time on my hands than most people I know. Which perhaps explains why I feel the desire to take up my letter-writing again. Okay, so there’s email to keep in daily touch with family and friends. And there’s this blog in case anybody is even remotely interested in my daily doings. But letters, aah, there’s a joy to writing and receiving letters that email can never rival. When was the last time the postman left a envelope for you with a distant stamp postmarked a week or more ago ? When was the last time you gleefully opened a letter or read a postcard with eager hands, knowing the news (old already, through email!), but relishing each written word, watching the scrabbly writing change as the page progressed, knowing that fingers used to a keyboard took the effort to shape words out of ink and put them on paper, merely that you can smile?

It’s a wonderful feeling receiving letters. I remember the sheer amazement I felt when Mr.R and I started corresponding through snail mail. We were in constant touch through email and chat. And yet, every few days, the postman (grumbling, I’m sure) brought another envelope postmarked and Air-mailed. It was a peculiar joy to come home from work and find either a letter, a card, a magazine on writing or perhaps even a little book waiting for me, with (old) news, or just a line penned on a train. Receiving, usually means writing back too. It’s difficult at first – fingers not used to writing long pages with pens suddenly find themselves struggling to keep pace with the flow of words. One can’t edit (scratches look terrible!), one can’t spell-check after it’s done, one can’t even change the font or emphasize with italics unless one’s calligraphy is very good. Apart from that, writing a letter and posting it secretly (ah,imagine the look on the receiver’s face!) is fun enough!

Anyway, now that Mr.R is right here, looking over my shoulder, I’m not posting to him these days. I’m going to, instead, write to people back home – friends and family. Letters, postcards from where ever I go….can’t wait to get started! Never mind the postage, never mind if nobody writes back to me; I’m going to enjoy myself doing this! Any wannabe pen-pals out there? Email me first (he,he!)

For those already on my mailing list (sounds like spam!), watch out, the postman may ring twice! 🙂

In an age like ours, which is not given to letter-writing,
we forget what an important part it used to play in people’s lives.
~Anatole Broyard

One comment on “The postman rings twice

  1. And i thought i was the only one in the world who loved writing and recieving letters, i.e. via snail mail. Though its hard to lift a pen and scribble on paper (have been on computers so long that i fear i have forgoten how to write heheheee) but still it is far more exciting than email.

    Anyways, it was good to know that there are other people out there who love the thrill that the ring of a postman brings. 🙂

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