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Tamil lullabies and more

It’s an unusually bright Sunday morning. For a change, Mr.R and I listen to Sunrise Radio as we go about having our breakfast – there’s a Dance or Romance show on. Songs from Hindi movies where listeners can choose the final track or something like that. A song from ‘Blackmail’ is announced and we have a discussion whether it’s the old one or a newer version that we haven’t heard of yet. Judging from the synthetic soundtrack, we conclude it sounds very 90-ish, so it must be a new release.Minutes later, we are informed that this is an Ajay Devgan starrer, so our guess was right.

Then, on a whim, we decided to go for a walk. And boy, what a walk that was!! Two hours of lovely weather, brisk walking, the river for company. It was refreshing. We enjoyed it enough to make plans for more such long walks in the coming days. Might help keep the calorie count down too, so that’s an added incentive.

Last evening, Mr.R played at a variety show at the local church to raise money for the tsunami affected. He played Salut d’Amour by Elgar, a lovely piece, which he also played at our nuptial mass. The variety show was specifically held for collections for the people of the Diocese of Kottar in Tamil Nadu which was one of the affected areas. Two priests from the Diocese said the evening mass. It was surreal to hear a strong south-indian accent saying mass in this part of England. Even more surreal was hearing, at the end of the variety show, a (yes!) Tamil song! A rather nice rendition of the lullaby from the Tamil version of ‘Sadma’ – the Kamal Hassan/Sridevi starrer.

Like Hugh Grant would have said, ‘Surreal, but nice”.


Last night in London Airport
I saw a wooden bin
So I wrote a poem
and popped it in.

Christopher Logue
From ‘Poems on the Underground’


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