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The Lost age of innocence

Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

Mr.R and I spent some time yesterday watching, of all things, an AB movie. We were kindly lent a video of ‘Trishul’ the one-time hit with good ol’ AB, Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Hema Malini, Rakhee, Poonam Dhillon and poor Waheeda Rehman as AB’s long suffering mother. And ofcourse, how could the film be complete without Prem Chopra making a nuisance of himself?

We reminisced about the days when watching such movies as kids gave us a thrill – the songs, the fights, the dialogues. Just watching AB striding through the movie is enough to make my day! And what dialogues! Just spectacular little effects like the grand ‘Interval’ or ‘The End’ splashing with the trademark flamboyant music , which somehow seems to have faded away from our movie screens. ‘Gapuji Gapuji Gum Gum’ was a hit back then and the song evokes memories of a more carefree era, when one didn’t have worries, when love and romance conquered all, when AB was around to turn right any wrongs …

Shashi Kapoor plays the US returned son of Sanjeev Kumar and he calls Rakhee, who works for Kumar, ‘computer’ because she knows everything about the business. Kumar asks him to explain what that term means and in today’s context, it’s all so corny!

An era without mobile phones, rap music, lewd songs, suggestive dances and four letter words. The villains even hesitate at ‘You Bloody B………..’ and the facial expressions make up for the lost words after the trembling ‘B’. Poonam Dhillon, like all 70s actresses, looks perfectly natural in a swimsuit and can beat any of our Page 3 girls today.

It’s the lost age of innocence. They all grew up. Just like we did.


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