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Marathon Memories

The Mumbai Marathon happened again yesterday. Took me back to last year where I participated in the first one (okay, so it was more of a walkathon for us!) to support the Samaritans helpline, where I used to volunteer. The Dream Run took us a long time to complete – mainly because we kept stopping along the way talking to people who were curious about our T-shirts , a bunch of elated people in red t-shirts attracted more than a fair share of attention! Our reason for being at the marathon was publicity – we could do with every little bit – even if it meant reversing our steps on the route because someone belatedly spotted a tv camera (imagine the confusion for the runners behind us!) ; even if it meant stopping every few minutes to hand out cards and pamphlets; even if it meant tired,achy,sore legs at the end. That day was a memorable one, and I’m sure yesterday must have been as exhilarating for the 32 who ran in support of Samaritans.

Mw’s out there,I hope you took part.It’s an amazing experience to just participate – forget about winning! There’s next year, in case you missed out the last two. Highly recommended!

The Mumbai festival was supposed to start on the 16th ; haven’t seen much news of it on the internet yet (looking in the wrong places, perhaps.) Anybody have a clue about what’s happening or whether it’s worth the hype?


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