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The first days…

In the end, all’s well that ends well.

Inspite of major flight delays, bad weather, tsunamis, worrying about guests who flew in from from all over the world battling odds, Mr.R and I said ‘I do’. It’s already twelve days in the new year and life’s back to normal (or so I pretend!) I’ve left home for the first time in my life with the knowledge that I now have ‘two’ homes to call my own. It’s yet to hit me I think, because I still don’t feel ‘married’!! I feel like I’m on a long holiday with Mr.R! What IS being married supposed to be like, anyway?! Any advice?!

Mr.R has gone off to work today, his first day at work post wedding, pictures in tow. It’s funny how both of us feel that the entire reception was a blur; our guests were faces among many, an endless kaleidoscope of festive clothes, hands to be shaken, cheeks to be kissed – it’s only when one looks at the pictures that one knows who was actually present!! One spends so much time planning the whole thing and before you know it the evening is over and life has begun. I had fun at my wedding though! There were people from both sides who traveled to the wedding from the US, NZ, Germany, Canada, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Karnataka, besides Goa itself. I’m sure I’m leaving out a few places, but never mind – it was wonderful that people took the time, effort and spent money to share our day with us; we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

I hope the New Year has been as good to you as it has to me. May the rest of your days also be filled with peace and contentment.

The temperature’s about 15 degrees C with the heating on; it’s colder outside (supposedly warm for this time of the year; guess I should count my blessings!) I can safely expect a further drop in temperature over the coming weeks. Hmmm, shall just close my eyes, visualize Mumbai’s relentless sunshine and will thaw.

(Something funny just occurred to me (I think it’s funny!) : The expression “Just chill!” isn’t very appropriate right now here if you want to tell someone to relax! “Thaw!” would be better!! 🙂



One comment on “The first days…

  1. Hey Welcome back! I thot u’d still be on ur honeymoon 😉
    Me too had a goooood loooong vacation. Sigh! Wish i cud go on leave again! Had a fantastic time, a wedding in the family (so know what you must have gone through), renovation at home, went to my hometown Mangalore and went with family vacationing in Daman. So all in all I had a Blast!
    Well u’ll be settling in now and will soon have new experiences to tell us about. We’ll see England through ur eyes. So welcome back MW,and just chill. Oops, I meant thaw 🙂

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