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More coincidences

Another round of coincidences lately :

Yesterday, just out of the blue, I got two emails from two totally unrelated on-line acquaintances asking about the progress on my book-store dream. It’s funny how strangers often drop in like angels, reminding you of what needs to be done. I found it spooky that both chose to write to me, after so long, on the same day, within hours of each other! And both are contacts from different sites – Ryze (thanks, Geo for introducing me!) and Dive, the business mag………. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to start work on this seriously!

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception and my parish feast. I think there must definitely be some peculiar reason why churches of this name keep cropping up in my life – I was baptized in Mangalore in a church of this name, I’ve moved a couple of years ago, to a locality that has a church of this name, and even spookier, Mr.R’s church in Goa is of the same name!!! Now, churches dedicated to the Immaculate Conception are not that common, really. So perhaps it is destiny’s way of assuring me that I’ll always feel “at home” where ever I am – Mangalore, Mumbai or Goa. Isn’t that cool?! šŸ™‚



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