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The Explorer’s Creed

Lyrics by Jana Stanfield

I have more than enough of all that I need
To do all I can do, be all I can be.

As I come to appreciate the importance of living at my own pace,
I am less likely to compare my pace, with anyone else’s pace.

I am learning exactly what I need to learn,
even when I don’t understand the lesson yet.

What I’m learning today is preparing me
for all the good and all the challenge that lies ahead.

I am getting better every day in every way that matters to me.
I can be excellent without being perfect.

I am letting go of perfectionism, which kept me coming up short.
I now find comfort in constant progress.

I don’t need to completely understand the big picture
to know that my role is important.

I don’t have to know the destination.
to know I’m headed in the right direction.

Though I may not know where I’m going,
I’m not lost, I’m exploring.


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