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A Litany of Days

I love Wednesdays. It’s a day I look forward to; the worst is over by then and the best is yet to come. Monday and Tuesday are faint memories by Wednesday morning, the stress and fatigue of starting a new work week have already faded away into the anticipation of the fast approaching Friday. And before you know it, the weekend is here! Yay!
I don’t like Thursdays. It’s more stressed than Mondays. With Monday morning, you know you still have five days to get your act together (I have a very forgiving workplace!). The stress is there, especially when you can’t remember what you ended with on Friday evening! With Thursdays, you are fast running out of time, the pressure builds as the clock ticks ominously. Papers seem to pile faster than usual threatening to give you claustrophobia and drown you in reams, thus preventing you from enjoying the weekend. Thursdays are sadists.

This morning, the 6 am alarm let me down (Ok, to be honest, I hit the snooze button when it went off and then awoke at 6.45; but the alarm should have gone off again, so I’m not completely to blame!) Of course, the reason I overslept was probably because I read way past my bedtime, while contemplating the future at the same time, till I toppled over with sleep. Serves me right.

Anyway, dashed around then like a crazy chicken , trying to get dressed, eat my cereal, drink my coffee without spilling any.. Managed to burn my lovely dupatta while ironing in that frenzy too. I’m much too serene to let this upset me, so calmly dumped the now-useless-for-the-moment-outfit and wore something else, which is what I should have done in the first place. Left home at the usual time instead of the 30 mins earlier as scheduled which meant that I had to skip the morning gym session. Sigh. It’s a good thing Big Bee is not in office these days so I can breathe a little easier and get my life back on track.

Thursdays, bah!


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