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Another Ordinary Day

It was just another morning in the life of a MW.

A technical fault at Goregaon this morning delayed Churchgate bound trains by 20 minutes. By the time I got to the station, three trains had already been canceled. And it was not even 8 am. One look at the waiting crowd was enough to give one claustrophobia. Surprisingly, the Railways deigned to make announcements telling commuters about the delay. Looking at the crowd, we were not sure that we would be able to get into a train if it turned up. So a few of us did the once-unthinkable. We made an attempt to climb into a Virar-Churchgate train. The men, of course, didn’t bother to move. As any MW who travels on WR knows, it is impossible to get even a toe-hold in the general compartment of a Virar train. There are men sitting on TOP of the train (more comfortable up there, I guess). But we women know that with a ‘little’ pushing, prodding, pinching, we can attempt to move the Doorway Mafia on those trains.

The 8.07 halted, emptied out and we were flung in like Jackie Chan doing one of his stunts. Once in, we were able to practice being Shaolin monks – we stood on one foot/ a few toes till Bandra. Traveling in a WR train may be extremely uncomfortable, but it’s good for the meditative spirit – one has to call upon all one’s reserves of patience, prayers, calmness and bring out a peaceful mask on your face even when you are dying to punch the obnoxious woman next to you who is grumbling quite loudly about Borivili commuters entering ‘their’ train. And she had a rosary in her hand while grumbling! Just said a prayer that God might be merciful to her and her kind when the time comes.

Anyway, the train reached Churchgate at about 9.20 am, a delay of about half an hour for the 8.07. This MW and others survived to tell the tale. Perhaps next time, it might be more sensible to just go home quietly – it’s not like there is anything important to be done at work anymore 🙂

To add to our misery, an after-thought of a shower drenched us as we walked out of the subway, ruining good shoes, handbags, white clothes and make-up. The cool breeze was little consolation.

Just another day…


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