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I’m a Happy Bookworm

I’ve read about five books in 2 weeks. Says a lot about my sad social life 🙂

Am currently reading “The Living Company” by Arie De Gues, a fascinating book which questions how different our world would be if we considered companies to be living beings instead of just a machine for making money. Interesting start…will probably finish it over the weekend. If anybody’s interested in a review after I’m through, watch this space 🙂

Finished The Da Vinci Code on Tuesday night. After a long time I’ve come across an un-put-down-able book. I read the book, eager to find out what happened next, on the train, standing in bus queues, in the elevator, in the loo, during lunch/dinner…. it seemed like life was interfering with my reading of the book and I was annoyed at work, family, breathing and other such inconveniences for coming in the way. It’s been a while since a book made me behave like this.

Glad it’s only a once-in-a-while phenomenon. I’d be more of a lunatic otherwise!

I found the last page disappointing though. It didn’t finish with the bang that I expected! The build up till the very last page was so tremendous, I read on, hardly breathing, for the end, for the revelation. The revelation did come, but somehow I was expecting more!! The last page, the last few paras let me down. I could breathe again, and that was disappointing. Perhaps that was the logical ending. Maybe there’s a sequel to come. One lives in hope. Will try and get my hands on some more of Dan Brown’s books. He writes well. Has anybody read any other works of his? Recommend a book, please!


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