All Tiled Out

  Did you know tiles could have so many curves, straight lines, angles…?     

The Adventures of Pinocchio –2

Pinocchio hitches a ride on M’s new friend, Toni the dragon from Peru.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Don’t try this without supervision.


It’s M’s favourite colour. Even the tourists oblige. They come on yellow bikes They wear yellow shoes Such a happy colour. Such a happy boy.

Photo-Studio Photoshops child

If this were our local newspaper, the headlines would be lurid (an example from today’s GT: Headless body found; cops suspect murder). It really happened, though (the photoshopping, in this case). We took M to a photo-studio for his first-ever passport-sized photo. We’re beginning the process of driving him out of the home sending him […]


Whoever knew that mosquito-coils could look so good in photographs?! Must try this sometime.

A life in pictures

What an amazing project. On June 17th every year, the family of Diego Goldberg (in Buenos Aires, Argentina) goes through a private ritual. In his words, “we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by”. Isn’t this an incredible record of a family’s life? Wish I had seen this […]

These feet are made for dancin’


Going Batty in Goa

It was an evening of colour. Caramel clouds tinged with coal dust waited for the sun to get moving. As dusk settled in, the bats in the tree with the fallen leaves began to stir.   Gymnasts could learn a thing or two from this beautiful orange creature. A CWG medal for this one, please. […]


My contribution for this week’s Photo Friday challenge


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